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Hetalia: Axis Powers Feliciano Vargas 20cm Cotton Doll



$1 Deposit = $5 Store Credit

We're considering making this character into a doll, but we're wondering if any of you are willing to adopt him/her as the minimum order quality is always requested by doll factories.

And this deposit page is created to help us to understand your willingness.

If you are interested in adopting the doll, a $1 payment will inform us as one vote.

😟 And please don't worry the $1 will be refunded to where you pay it if the total votes failed to reach the MOQ.

😊 If the votes are successfully reached by the MOQ, the doll will be on presale, and a full payment will be requested.
And, a $5 store credit (instead of a $1 deposit) will be sent to your account which you can use to buy the doll.
This means a $1 deposit = $5 store credit.
There is no refund of the deposit payment when the doll starts on presale/sale.
Store credits cannot be cashed.

One account one deposit for each doll.

💕 Please don't buy more than one deposit if you only want to have one doll when available.
💡 If you buy more than one deposit with the same account DOES NOT mean you can buy one doll using more than $5 store credit.

For more questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].

Brand: RuaDoll