Shipping & Delivery

Order Processing


Merchandises on could be classified into 3 categories: Pre-order items, in stock items and ready to ship items.


1) Pre-order items:

(1) We don't have any stock when we accept orders of pre-order items.

(2) Orders are accepted at pre-set times.

(3) Pre-order items are started producing according to the order quantity.

That means, orders won't be accepted after the pre-order ends, and most of the pre-order items won't be back in stock unless orders open again at another pre-set time.


And if you order the pre-order item once it starts to accept orders, then the total waiting time will be:

Pre-set Time of Accepting Orders + Order Producing Time + Order Shipping and Delivery Time

We always list the processing time in description on each product page.

For example:

If the preorder starts on March 1st and ends on March 15th, and order producing time is about 2 months, and the order ships with standard shipping method.

The order will ship out around May 15th and will be arrived around May 30th.


2) Processing time of in stock items are listed on each product page's decription.

For example:

If your order placed on March 1st and the processing time of the item you ordered would be 40 days, and you requested to ship your order with standard shipping method.

Then the estimated delivery time would be around April 25th.


3) Ready to ship items can be shipped out within 2 working days.

Processing time does not include Sundays or holidays.

Please contact us immediately by emailing to [email protected] for any delays, concerns or questions.


Please note that:

(1) Orders placed with Expedite Shipping doesn't mean that we can ship your order right away.

(2) Expedite Shipping is the quicker shipping method we use to ship your order when your order is ready to ship.

(3) Processing time is NOT included in the shipping and delivery time.


Shipping and Delivery


We ship worldwide.


But for the listed places or countries, the extra information will be needed for us to ship out your package successfully.

1. Taiwan Province

(1) Please provide us your Chinese name and identification ID number, which are requested when ship your package.

(2) Real-name registration at EZ WAY is required to receive your package.

2. Russia

We ship to Russia, but please kindly understand that the shipping and delivery time will be about a month.

3. Brazil

Please kindly provide us your CPF number, which is requested to ship out your pacakge.


Please pay more attention that:

1. The shipping fee is changed according to the weight of the package.

2. Since we can't guarantee there will be always tax free, and please kindly understand that our customers are responsible for the local handling and tax fees.

3. We CAN'T ship packages to PO Box addresses.

4. Please do leave us your correct phone number, the express companies won't accept packages without phone numbers.

5. Please place your order with a valid email, the order confirmation, order notices, tracking information and so on will all send to the email you used to place your order.


We currently can't ship to Argentina because of the very high customs. Please kindly understand that our customers are responsible for the customs, but our customers often refuse to pay for them. We will try our best to solve the problem, and will update when we can ship to Argentina.


How long will it take to ship to my country?

Normally 2-4 weeks for standard shipping (ship with CNE, Yun Express or J&T Express)

4-7 working days for expedite shipping (ship with FedEx or DHL).

But please kindly understand that, the product processing time will not be included in the shipping and delivery time.

That means, if you choose expedite shipping method, we still can't ship the preorder or made to order items right away within 7 working days.


Where can I track my package?

You can track your package here:





J&T Express:

Yun Express: